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Welcome to ADSIC! Thanks for helping to correct the name errors and filling in more information.

If you have any questions/need help, feel free to ask me (Collegebookworm) or any of the other people you see regularly editing pages, including Adam, KortEverettJackson, and Gil. --- Collegebookworm

Creating new pages[edit]

Creating new pages is simple enough...just type the URL (such as into your browser (or follow a broken red link), and if ADSIC doesn't have the page, you'll get a link to edit this page.

From there, you can create pages with the help of ADSIC Editing Manuel.

Always start with level 2 headlines (==). From there, you can google for Wikipedia's editing help for esoteric things like superscripts (<sup>).


Instead of pressing Save page every time you want to check how the new page will look, you can press Show preview. Please do no save 18 different changes. Thanks---Collegebookworm

  • I have no qualms with adding colors, it's just all the excessive and extra formatting that was already on the page - for example, not separating the Honors, Scholastic, and Varsity into different tables that can be independently sorted (as well as having a difficult time reading blue-background headers. Then there's the font style - does this page really need its own formatting size and font type??
  • BTW, you can create auto-headers if you want (no need to have the <strong>Level</strong>) by putting an exclamation mark instead of the first pipe ( ! width="100" | Level ). ---Collegebookworm


Don't forget to fill in a summary in the edit box after all your edits. If you have trouble remembering in Special:Preferences under the Edit tab there is a box at the end you can check that will force you to write one. gil 00:29, 7 February 2008 (PST)

Wow, way to edit my page...[edit]


howd u get a 725 in science? i thought it was a 50 question test.....

tell him he cant do that until he breaks 6k

i medaled in math with a 343! GUESSING!

what are you shooting for at states (you can reply on adt if u want)

Hey, if you want me to add the small schools and do a spreadsheet...[edit]

email the scores to me: