Regionals/California/Sacramento County/2002

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Sacramento County
Current Victor: Bella Vista High School
Regional Scores

Overall Team Results[edit]

Rank School Score
1 Bella Vista High School 43,603
2 John F. Kennedy High School
3 Rio Americano High School
4 Mira Loma High School
5 Del Campo High School
6 Rio Vista High School
7 Laguna Creek High School
8 El Camino High School
9 Florin High School
10 Folsom High School
11 Valley High School
12 Encina High School
13 Sheldon High School
14 Rio Linda High School
15 Burbank High School
16 Center High School
17 Elk Grove High School
18 Antelope View High School

Overall Individual Scores[edit]


Place Student School Score
1 Tim Canan Bella Vista
2 Mike Sutherland Bella Vista
3 Joel Helmick Kennedy


Place Student School Score
1 Loren Baxter Kennedy
2 Margaret McCarthy Bella Vista
3 Emily Neal Bella Vista


Place Student School Score
1 Tyler Mahone Bella Vista
2 Casey Vaughn Bella Vista
3 Tansy Grefsheim Bella Vista