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Welcome to the AcaDec Scores and Information Center (ADSIC)

Overview and Quick History

Academic Decathlon Scores and Information Center (ADSIC) is a website utilizing the MediaWiki software whose purpose is to store results from various levels of Academic Decathlon competitions.

ADSIC (originally AcaDec Scores(ADS)) is the brain child of Kort Jackson and David Gilman. ADS was originally headed by Phil Cerami but was closed due to spam issues. After a few months time, Jackson and Gilman launched ADSIC with Gilman handling all the programming aspects of the projects.

On March 15, 2007, the site was officially launched with features not included in the original score repository:

  1. Personal Biographies
  2. School Biographies
  3. Scholar's Cup Section
  4. E-Nationals for small schools
Read the following before making edits to the site!
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Things to Look Out For
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Competition Date(s) Competition Location(s) / Link(s)
2025 USAD Nationals May 1-3, 2025 Des Moines, Iowa

Want to contribute?

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  • Sandbox - Anyone can experiment with this page anytime.
  • Policies - Score-keeping policies and wiki policies

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Never fear - dump it into ADSIC:Pensieve and our volunteers can add it for you!