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Hey my name's Kyle VanHatten. I'm currently competing as part of Lathrop Academic Decathlon. I joined in October 2017. In January 2018, I broke the Lathrop Record for literature (900) and Lathrop Freshman Overall (6948) at the Fairbanks Regionals competition. I was 3rd overall behind Joseph Wolf and Grace Martin. As part of the latter record, former record holder Sam Lund sent me a letter congratulating me, this began a tradition. At Alaska State 2018 I broke my own record( and what I believe to be the State Freshman Record) with an overall score of 7342.3. I then proceeded to send myself a letter that is now on my wall. At 2019 Regionals, I won overall with 4 golds and 4 silvers, scoring 7673. I fell short of the sophomore record ( held by Will Bishop), but redeemed myself at State overtaking the record with a score of 8055.6. I also got highest from team, gold in honors, highest overall, and 7 medals, 4 gold and 3 silver. At Nationals, I produced my best perfomance so far. I was the the team's highest scorer, and earned two gold medals ( Lit and SocSci, Both with 960), qualifying me as a National Champion is SocSci and Lit. While I only got 9th in my division and was brutalized by the competition ( M. Wolff, S. O'Dowd ...) , I take joy in the fact that my Lit Gold was untitied and knocked down Marcus Wolff down to a silver, while also breaking my personal, school, and state records. I hope to return with my team next year.

Note: If any facts I list are wrong, PLEASE message me or correct them yourself. I'm fairly certain on all of them but I could be mistaken.


- Beat JJ Malenfant ( Arguably one of Lathrop's most brilliant people in it's history, who was recognized as the top student in his graduating class in both Mathematics and English Language) at 2018 Regionals by a massive 24 points *

  • He had just joined and hadn't opened up a packet yet, whereas I had been there since the start.

- Highest Scoring Alaskan Freshman Score ever ( 7342.3, 2018 State)

-Highest Scoring Alaskan Sophomore ever ( 8187.0, 2019 Nats)

- Second Highest Nationals Score in Lathrop History (8187.0, 2019 Nats)

- One of three Alaskan sophomores to win State overall individually( The others being Will Bishop and William Mitchell)

- One of two Alaskan Sophomores to score over 8000 ( The other being Will Bishop).

- Highest scoring Literature score from any Alaskan ( 960, 2019 Nats)

- Highest scoring SocSci score from any Alaskan ( TIE) ( 960,2019 Nats)

- Highest Lathrop Science score ( TIE) ( 920, 2019 State)

-Highest Lathrop Econ Score ( 940, 2019 State)

- Highest Scoring Lathrop Art Score? ( TIE) ( 927.27, 2019 Nats)

- 21 Total Career medals ( so far) ( R3 or R4)

- Medaled in every objective test at 2019 State

- National Champion in SocSci and Lit for Division 2

- Highest Objective Score in Lathrop History ( 6088).

- Only Lathrop student to score over 6000 in objectives ( 2019 State, 2019 Nats)

- Raised score from State to Nationals at every instance of attending both( 1, 2019)

- Raised score between every competition so far ( 2018 Reg - 2019 Nats)

- One of a select group of multi-competition decathletes who's highest averaging test is Literature (840 avg - 900,720,760,860,960)


Subject Score
Art 540
Music 580
Literature 900
  • The 900 in Lit is an untited Lathrop record. AS A FRESHMAN. Then again, I haven't gotten that high since, what do you do. Edit: Look out, this may change later.
Science 580
Social Sci 720
Math 742.86
Econ 540
Essay 566
Interview 905
Speech 875
Objectives 4602/ 7,000
  • Note: Neither Objs not Sbjs have ever been actual medals at any of my comps, just noting that I was third in that aspect.
Subjectives 2346/ 3,000
Total 6948/ 10,000
  • This overall score broke the record for highest score ever achieved by a Lathrop freshman.

Subject Score
Art 540
  • The repeated 540 ( as well as several others in practice) eventually led me to thinking I was to be forever cursed with 540s. That went away however.
Music 740
Literature 720
Science 880
  • JJ, Grace, and I all tied. No Medals. Man.
Social Sci 740
Math 714.3
Econ 700
Essay 678
Interview 816.6
Speech 813.3
Objectives 5034.3/ 7,000
Subjectives 2307.9/ 3,000
Total 7342.2/ 10,000
  • As far as I'm aware, this is the highest score a freshman has ever earned in Alaskan history

Subject Score
Art 840
Music 780
Literature 760
Science 714.2
Social Sci 860
Math 828.3
Econ 720
Essay 516
Interview 815
Speech 840
Objectives 5458/ 7,000
Subjectives 2171/ 3,000
Total 7673/ 10,000
  • Despite missing my overall goal by more then 700 points, this was at the time the third highest score ever produced by a sophomore.

Subject Score
Art 880
Music 820
Literature 860
Science 920
  • This is a tied Lathrop Record for science.
Social Sci 820
Math 828.3
Econ 940
  • The 940 in Econ is another untied Lathrop record. I'm making it my goal from this point ( 3/3/2019) to get untied Lathrop records in all the objectives, already got 2 down. They'll be calling me "Kyle ' the Hitman' VanHatten".
Essay 434
Interview 760
Speech 793
Objectives 6068.3/ 7,000
  • This objective score is the highest of any Alaskan sophomore probably, highest in Lathrop History, and top 5 for Alaskan history.
Subjectives 1987/ 3,000
Total 8055.6/ 10,000
  • This overall score broke the record for highest scoring sophomore in Alaskan history, by 33 points. I'm coming for Will's overall record, and I'm only Subjectives away from a shot at it.
  • As far as I am aware, I am only the third sophomore to win AK State individually, the others being William Mitchell and Will Bishop, there may be more however
  • One of the more interesting things about my State medals is the fact that my objective silvers/golds switched from regionals to state.

Subject Score
Art 1000
Music 1000
Literature 2000
Science 1000
Social Sci 1000
Math 1000
Econ 10000

Essay 1000
Interview 1000
Speech 1000
Objectives 17000 Subjectives 3000
Total 20000

  • Again, my two golds were golds for things I did not get golds in at the previous competition
Subject Score
Art 927.3
  • Katie and I got 4 questions wrong, 5th place. My god
  • This is a tied Lathrop Record for Art, between me and Katie.
Music 860
  • Hows that for someone who doesn't know music theory
Literature 960
  • AHA! I did beat my old lit record
  • Victor did get Kyled in that he would have tied the record if I hadn't beat it
  • This tied for the highest in the competition, and was an untied ( national) Gold in Division 2
  • This is the highest lit score that an Alaskan has ever produced
  • As my coach told me, this qualifies me as a National Champion in Literature
Science 745.5
  • It was the last test, I rushed. whatdoyoudo.
Social Sci 960
  • This is the highest Lathrop Social Science Score, and officially ties Mackenzie Fousal's State record ( on a harder test). That is the third objective record, just four more.
  • As my coach told me, this qualifies me as a National Champion in Social Science
Math 800
  • After trash talking Victor all week, I sadly lost by one question. Bummer.
Econ 836.4
Essay 543
  • It did improve
Interview 840
  • This was in the upper half of Division 2 scores
Speech 715
  • i can see my speach getting this, but the first guy in my room had a 1000 level speach and didn't even medal. Whack.
Objectives 6089.2
  • This objective score broke my own objective record by a mere 20 points
  • Inching closer and closer to the record
Subjectives 2098
  • I did improve
  • I'm not worried, coach said next year will be the year of the subjectives.
Total 8187.2
  • I sadly did not get my goal of 20000. I did however get the second highest Nationals score in Lathrop History.