Regionals/California/San Bernardino County/2014

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San Bernardino County
Current Victor: Chaffey High School
Regional Scores

Note: there was controversy regarding the judging of the subjective events; according to Chaffey head coach Steven Mercado, the county officials "did not send out volunteer forms/invitations until 48 hours before the competition". As a result, scores were much lower than otherwise.

Overall Team Results[edit]

Rank School Score Score+SQ
1 Chaffey High School 41,959.0 46,084.0
2 Redlands East Valley High School 41,629
3 Rancho Cucamonga High School 40,612
4 Redlands High School 39,758
5 Cajon High School 35,570
6 Montclair High School 33,070
7 Ontario High School 32,086
8 Chino Hills High School 31,894
9 Rialto High School 31,494
10 San Gorgonio High School 29,389