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The 1984 summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California inspired Academic Decathlon founder Dr. Robert Peterson to make Academic Decathlon an international competition. Nationals in the United States remains open to international teams. The below list is possibly incomplete because the full list of Nationals participants is not available for most years before 2003 (1987, 1994, 1995, 1998, and 2001 are the only exceptions).

Countries Participating in Academic Decathlon[edit]

Country Most Recent Champion Year(s) Participated Score of Most Recent Champion
Flag of Brazil.png Brazil Unknown 1989 Unknown
Flag of Canada.png Canada The Westside Miniversity 2004, 2016-2017 Unknown
Flag of China.png China Shanghai High School International Division 2014-present 50,072.3
Flag of Ireland.png Ireland Unknown 1989 Unknown
Flag of Mexico.png Mexico Unknown 1984 Unknown
Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand Unknown 1984 Unknown
Flag of South Korea.png South Korea Unknown 1984 Unknown
Flag of the United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Southbank International School, London 2009, 2011-present Unknown