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Round 1/Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Round 1
Current Victor: Wilmot Union High School
Wisconsin Round 1

Locals is held in Wisconsin across multiple sites each November using Round 1 tests. Wisconsin's Round 1 competition is notable in that it is the only known state to use Round 1 as a qualifying round -- Before 2015, only 60 teams advanced to Regionals, and since 2015, only 50 teams have advanced.

All scores before 2018 out of six events, or 36,000 points. Before 2013, Super Quiz was not taken, and from 2013 to 2017, due to issues with their custom scoring software, the Science and Social Science tests were combined into one fifty-question test. From 2018 onward, testing has taken place online with all seven events.

Wisconsin Round 1 Competition History[edit]

Results before 2013 are unknown. Before 2018, scores were out of 36,000 points (6 events) and extrapolated to 42,000 points (7 events).

Year Locals Champion 6 Events 7 Events
2020 Wilmot Union High School N/A
2019 Wilmot Union High School N/A 27,382
2018 Wilmot Union High School N/A 25,739
2017 Watertown High School 20,945 24,435.8
2016 Waukesha West High School 24,657 28,766.5
2015 Wilmot Union High School 21,940.5 25,597.2
2014 Waukesha West High School ~22,500 ~26,250
2013 New Berlin Eisenhower Middle-High School ~22,000 ~25,600
2012 New Berlin Eisenhower Middle-High School 25,579 29,842.2