Scrimmages/Katy ISD Invitational

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The Katy ISD Invitational is an annual scrimmage held in Katy ISD each October. The competition is generally comprised of various teams from the Houston area of Texas. The competition generally uses USAD Easy tests.

Katy ISD Invitational History[edit]

Results before 2012 are unknown. Out of 42,000 points.

Year Champion Score
2018 Dulles High School 35,160.0
2017 James E. Taylor High School 31,771.5
2016 Pearland High School 33,037.0
2015 Pearland High School 34,102.8
2014 Pearland High School 33,945
2013 Pearland High School 30,154
2012 Pearland High School 31,941