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Current Victor: Whitney M. Young Magnet High School
State Scores
Regional Scores

Overall Team Scores[edit]

Place School Score
1 Whitney M. Young Magnet High School 47,943.3
2 Albert G. Lane Technical High School 45,892.2
3 *Northside College Preparatory High School 33,509.8
4 *Carl Schurz High School 32,980.8
5 Stephen Tyng Mather High School 31,285.5
6 Amundsen High School 31,134.1
7 Chicago High School for Agricultural Science 30,140.8
8 Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School 29,817.2
  • There was an issue over which team placed 3rd place, as it turns out that a Schurz High School student's subjective score was not accounted for correctly. The issue was fixed after the score announcements, resulting in Schurz High School overtaking Northside College Prep for the spot of 3rd place