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Current Victor: Lathrop High School
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Team Rankings[edit]

Place School Score
1 Lathrop HS 37,528
2 West Valley HS 37,015
3 Monroe Catholic HS

Overall Awards[edit]

Honors Student Name School Score
1 Zack Boyd Lathrop HS 6456
2 Ming Zhang West Valley HS 6433
3 Lucas McDaniel Lathrop HS 6080
Scholastic Student Name School Score
1 Errol Russell Lathrop HS 6705
2 ? ?
3 Marie Sorensen Lathrop HS 6082
Varsity Student Name School Score
1 Mike Grediagin West Valley HS 6765?
2 Emily Burns West Valley HS 6466?
3 Ben Newman Lathrop HS 6193