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Top Ten Teams by Year[edit]

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
2024 Seneca Valley Souderton McDowell Carlisle Collegiate Academy Methacton Penns Valley North Clarion Moniteau Montoursville
2023 Souderton Seneca Valley McDowell Moniteau Collegiate Academy Methacton Montoursville Carlisle North Clarion Penns Valley
2022 Seneca Valley Souderton McDowell Clarion Limestone Montoursville Penns Valley Collegiate Academy Moniteau Methacton Carlisle
2021 Souderton Seneca Valley Collegiate Academy McDowell Clarion Limestone Penns Valley Methacton Carlisle North Penn Moniteau
2020 (unofficial) Seneca Valley Collegiate Academy Souderton Clarion Limestone McDowell North Penn Methacton Penns Valley Moniteau Carlisle
2019 Seneca Valley Collegiate Academy McDowell Clarion Limestone North Penn Souderton Carlisle Meadville Methacton North Clarion
2018 Souderton Collegiate Academy Seneca Valley McDowell Clarion Limestone Carlisle Penns Valley North Penn North Clarion Northwestern
2017 North Penn Collegiate Academy McDowell Souderton Clarion Limestone Carlisle Seneca Valley Moniteau North Clarion Montoursville
2016 Collegiate Academy North Penn Souderton Seneca Valley Clarion Limestone McDowell Penns Valley Carlisle Harriton North Clarion
2015 North Penn Collegiate Academy Penns Valley Northwestern McDowell Clarion Limestone Souderton Moniteau North Clarion Carlisle
2014 North Penn Collegiate Academy McDowell Moniteau Souderton Clarion Limestone Erie Catholic Prep Northwestern Penns Valley North Clarion
2013 North Penn McDowell Collegiate Academy Moniteau Souderton North Clarion Harriton Northwestern Penns Valley Montoursville
2012 Moniteau North Penn McDowell Collegiate Academy Harriton North Clarion Northwestern -- -- --
2011 Moniteau Collegiate Academy McDowell North Penn North Clarion Slippery Rock Commodore Perry Renaissance Academy Fairview Harriton
2010 Collegiate Academy Moniteau North Penn McDowell North Clarion Slippery Rock La Salle Commodore Perry Montoursville Fairview
2009 Collegiate Academy McDowell Moniteau La Salle North Penn Slippery Rock North Clarion Commodore Perry Fairview Montoursville
2008 Collegiate Academy McDowell La Salle Harriton North Penn North Clarion Moniteau Slippery Rock Commodore Perry Bellefonte
2007 Collegiate Academy North Penn Moniteau Harriton Fairview La Salle Slippery Rock McDowell Bellefonte Commodore Perry
2006 Collegiate Academy North Penn Moniteau Fairview Lower Moreland Harriton Reynolds Methacton Montoursville Bellefonte
2005 Collegiate Academy Fairview North Penn Moniteau McDowell Bellefonte Reynolds Slippery Rock La Salle Commodore Perry
2004 North Penn Collegiate Academy Fairview Bellefonte McDowell Moniteau Lower Moreland Girard La Salle North Clarion
2003 Collegiate Academy Fairview North Penn
2002 Fairview Northwest Collegiate Lower Moreland Moniteau Lower Merion Bellefonte North Penn McDowell La Salle Commodore Perry
2001 Collegiate Academy North Penn Lower Merion Fairview Moniteau Butler Wissahickon Central McDowell Bellefonte
2000 Butler McDowell
1999 Lower Merion McDowell
1998 North Penn
1997 North Penn
1996 Lower Merion
1995 Lower Merion
1994 Lower Merion
1993 Lower Merion
1992 Lower Merion
1991 Abington
1990 Lower Merion Lower Moreland
1989 Lower Merion North Penn West Chester East
1988 North Penn Lower Merion Methacton ? ? ? Wilson
1987 North Penn Lower Merion Abington
1986 Methacton
1985 Methacton

Pennsylvania Power Rankings (2001-present)[edit]

Before 2001, there is not top 10 data available. Reported values are average of known competition years from 2001 to present, from the team's first appearance in the top 10. Only the top 10 power-ranked teams are included.

1st place: 25 points

2nd place: 18 points

3rd place: 15 points

4th place: 12 points

5th place: 10 points

6th place: 8 points

7th place: 6 points

8th place: 4 points

9th place: 2 points

10th place: 1 point

Place School Avg Score State Titles
1 Collegiate Academy 19.0 9
2 Seneca Valley High School 18.8 3 (4)
3 Souderton Area High School 15.6 3
4 North Penn High School 13.0 9
5 McDowell High School 11.7 0
6 Moniteau High School 9.3 2
7 Clarion Limestone High School 8.5 0
8 Carlisle High School 4.9 0
9 Penns Valley High School 4.8 0
10 North Clarion High School 3.0 0