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10 December 2009
Arizona: At the Mesa Scrimmage, Mountain View Mesa (3rd place overall at State 2009) posts one of the highest scrimmage scores in the country: 30,290 points. Red Mountain High School came in second with 25,250 points. Detailed results...
Texas: Pearland, Dobie, and Nimitz completed their Round 1 tests. Dobie now holds the second highest known scrimmage score in Texas: 28,356.2 points. Nimitz and Pearland also placed among the frontrunners in Texas with scores of 27,168 and 26,136, respectively. Detailed results...
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7 December 2009

  Additional Round 1 scores arrive:

Arizona: At the 10-event Canyon Del Oro Scrimmage, Canyon Del Oro (4th place overall at Nationals 2009) finished first overall with 42,006.3 points. Rockwall High School of Texas (2nd place Medium School, 4th place overall at State 2009) took a close second with 40,892.5 points. Rockwall won the team Super Quiz with 5,655 points and an extraordinary perfect score of 45 on the Super Quiz oral relay. Buena High School, also of Arizona, placed third overall with 33,848.3 points. View available 7-event results...
Texas: Seven Lakes High School and Frisco Liberty High School scored 28,448 and 25,493 points, respectively, on the Round 1 USAD tests. Honorable mention: three of Seven Lakes's honors decathletes briefly held the top three spots in the honors category nationwide, before other Round 1 scores arrived. Detailed results...
3 December 2009
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19 November 2009
Maryland is added to the DDSIC database on November 19. 47 of the 50 states are now confirmed to have competed in Academic Decathlon at least once.
Arkansas, Virginia, and West Virginia are added to the DDSIC database on October 25th.
14 November 2009

  Round 1 scores arrive:

California: At the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified) Scrimmage, Marshall HS (8th place overall at State 2009) laid claim to the best score in the land at the end of the first weekend of scrimmages. Marshall scored 31,114, 700 points above the second place team, Granada Hills Charter (11th overall). El Camino Real HS (2nd overall) placed third, and was the last of the teams above 30,000 from the weekend. Full results ...
California: At the Los Angeles County Scrimmage, West HS (14th place overall at State 2009) wins first place team, Mark Keppel HS (22nd overall) places second, and Alhambra HS (25th overall) finishes third. Full results ...
Texas: At the inaugural Flower Mound High School Invitational, Rockwall HS (2nd place Medium School, 4th place overall at State 2009) wins first place team, Flower Mound HS (26th place Large School) places second, and Liberty HS(1st place Medium School, 3rd place overall) finishes in third. Full results ...
Wisconsin: Following the 10 November Local Round, 60 of the 117 registered teams are selected to advance to Regionals. View known scores from Wisconsin here.
24 October 2009
Texas: The 2009-2010 year gets underway with teams such as Canyon Del Oro, Seven Lakes, Irving Nimitz, Rockwall, and Frisco Liberty competing at the Rockwall invitational. Canyon Del Oro finished first, with Seven Lakes and Irving Nimitz placing 2nd and 3rd: Full results ...
4 March 2009
The theme for the 2009-2010 season is The French Revolution, the Super Quiz topic is "The History of the French Revolution", and A Tale of Two Cities is the selected literature.
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3 March 2009
CO: Boulder captures its second consecutive State Championship and eighth in nine years with 39,191 points.
GA: Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe captures its first State Championship with 39,916 points.
IN: Martinsville captures its seventh consecutive State Championship with 40,298 points.
KS: Shawnee Mission South captures its 16th consecutive State Championship with 38,474 points.
NE: Burke captures its third consecutive State Championship and seventh in ten years with 47,424 points.
OR: Corbett captures its second consecutive State Championship with 38,219 points.
TN: Madison Academic captures its sixth consecutive State Championship with 41,832 points.
TX: Pearland captures its second consecutive State Championship with 47,245 points.