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1 September 2011
DDSIC Milestone: 800 pages on DDISC now have over 100 views!
20 August 2011
New and updated pages. Om nom nom scores:
Regionals/Arizona/Region I/2011
Regionals/Arizona/Region III/2011
Regionals/California/Sacramento County/2011
10 August 2011
New scores at the following pages!
SS E-Nationals/2011
SS E-Nationals/2010
SS E-Nationals/2009
25 July 2011
Recent changes highlights:
29 May 2011
Take a gander at the numbers and results recently uncovered by new DDSIC contributors and researchers:
Regionals/California/Ventura County/2009 - See the breakdown for Kris Sankaran's 2nd highest individual score in Academic Decathlon history!
Regionals/California/Ventura County/2010, Regionals/California/Ventura County/2011, and many more new Ventura County pages at Regionals/California/Ventura County
Regionals/Texas/1993 - The only pre-2000 Texas regionals scores available as of today!
22 May 2011
Nationals/2011/Top Scores features the first, second, and third highest scores on each written test from all of the E-Nationals and the USAD Nationals combined!
Props to the high scorer(s) in each subject:
Art: 960 by Sean Carney from Collegiate Academy (PA - Honors) and Jeremy Morris from J. Frank Dobie (TX - Honors)
Economics: 980 by Jeremy Morris from J. Frank Dobie (TX - Honors)
Language and Literature: 900 by Jeremy Morris from J. Frank Dobie (TX - Honors)
Math: 800.0 by Riki Higashida from Granada Hills Charter (CA - Varsity), Dohuyn Bae from Whitney Young (IL - Honors), and Martin Ma from Acton-Boxborough (MA - Honors)
Music: 960 by Austin Kang from Granada Hills Charter (CA - Honors), Ginny Mitchell from Rockwall (TX - Scholastic) and Timothy Anderson from University (CA - Honors)
Social Science: 1,000 by Austin Kang from Granada Hills Charter (CA - Honors)
Super Quiz (USAD Nationals): 955 (37/40 Written; 5/5 Oral) by Jeremy Morris from J. Frank Dobie (TX - Honors)
Super Quiz (E-Nationals): 950 (38/40 Written) by Hannah Smerker from North Clarion (PA - Honors)
20 May 2011
All results from Large School E-Nationals, Medium School E-Nationals, and Small School E-Nationals are up!
7 May 2011
DDISC Milestone: 300 pages on DDISC have tracked at least 500 views!
6 May 2011
E-Nationals results are rolling in!
Large School E-Nationals: California's Marshall High School jumps ahead of Rockwall High School from Texas to capture their second consecutive E-Nationals title! Rockwall finished second and Wisconsin's Waukesha South placed third overall.
Medium School E-Nationals: Alice High School becomes the first Texas school to win an E-Nationals, beating out close rivals Hallmark Charter High School from California and New Berlin Eisenhower High School from Wisconsin! Hallmark moved up in the rankings, defeating Wisconsin to take second overall.
Small School E-Nationals: University High School of California conquers the Small School E-Nationals for the fifth year in a row! Pennsylvania's North Clarion High School and Nebraska's Nebraska City Lourdes High School placed second and third overall, respectively.
Please add any information to the E-Nationals pages linked above.
5 May 2011
All medaling scores and individuals are now on Nationals/2011!
2 May 2011
All team scores, Super Quiz scores, division rankings, and overall individual rankings, along with the top decathlete from each state, have been added to Nationals/2011.
Props to Granada Hills' Austin Kang for the 6th highest score ever by a California Honors, 9,213.7 points!
Props to Granada Hills' Eugene Lee for the 8th highest score ever by a California Scholastic, 8,834.8 points!
Congratulations to Austin Kang and J. Frank Dobie's Jeremy Morris for making the 9k list!
30 April 2011
North Carolina: Granada Hills Charter High School of California soars to their first ever national championship with 52,113.5 points! Austin Kang, Eugene Lee, and Elysia Eastty swept the Division I overall individual gold medals, contributing to a stunning 1,313.4-point increase from state! Kang also attained the highest score in the entire nation. Extra congratulations goes to Granada Hills for these honors:
* 7th highest-scoring team in USAD history!!!
* Largest score increase from state to nationals by a national champion since 2007!
* First team score over 52,000 points since 2008!
* 9th consecutive Nationals championship for California; California's 18th Nationals win.
* 2nd consecutive Nationals championship for the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District); LAUSD's 12th Nationals win.
J. Frank Dobie High School of Texas placed second overall at Nationals, becoming the first Texas school since 2006 and one of only two Texas schools since 2001 to finish in the top two at Nationals! Dobie's stellar performance of 50,436.2 points included a team score of 5,455 (1st place) in Super Quiz and Jeremy Morris' individual score of 9,059.4 (2nd overall)! Extra props to Dobie for these honors:
* 30 National individual event medals, the best medal tally ever recorded by a Texas school on DDSIC!!! (Medal tallies are available for every year after 1999. Dobie even bested the 2000 James E. Taylor team (29 medals), the 2006 Plano Senior team (23 medals) and the 2008 Pearland team (20 medals)!)
* Maintaining the school's tradition of winning Super Quiz at Nationals (both in the Oral Relay and overall)!
Waukesha West High School of Wisconsin finished third overall at Nationals with 49,785 points! The team's top scorer, Josh Graham, placed third overall in the Honors category with 8,928.9 points. Congratulations to Waukesha West for these other victories:
* 5th highest score ever by a Divison II school!!!
* Wisconsin's fifth consecutive Division II championship!
* Closing a vast gap between second place and third place in the [[State/2011#Team_Scores|schools advancing to Nationals]
13 April 2011
DDSIC Milestone: 300 pages on DDSIC have at least 500 page views!
6 April 2011
All state champions and all participating teams for E-Nationals have been added to State/2011. Congratulations to the following teams advancing to Nationals for the first time in their school's history!
First-time competitors in USAD Nationals:
MacArthur High School, Oklahoma - Broke an 11-year winning streak!
Moniteau High School, Pennsylvania - Broke a 6-year winning streak!
West Genesee High School, New York - Broke a 6-year winning streak!
Oakwood High School, Ohio - Broke a 4-year winning streak!
Myers Park High School, North Carolina - First NC school to participate since 2008!
Granada Hills Charter High School, California
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South, New Jersey
Trumbull High School, Connecticut
Frontier Academy, Colorado
30 March 2011
Illinois: Whitney M. Young Magnet High School captures its 7th consecutive state title and 25th in 26 years, with a score in the 45,000-point range. Find their rankings on State/2011 and the list of USAD Nationals Qualifiers
29 March 2011
Check out the highest individual event scores for Round 3 on State/2011/Top_Scores!
24 March 2011
Rhode Island: Bishop Hendricken High School conquers the Rhode Island Academic Decathlon with 35,603 points, narrowly defeating 2010 state champion East Greenwich High School (35,289 points) and Johnston High School (34,789 points)!
23 March 2011
As the score-collecting for Round 3 winds down, we are still looking for any news from Florida, Louisiana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, and Wyoming. Please post any information in DemiDecTalk's Round 3 Thread or edit State/2011.
22 March 2011
Colorado: After only three years of participating, Frontier Academy becomes the first school other than Boulder High School or Durango High School to win the Colorado Academic Decathlon since 1999! Read the Greeley Tribune article here.
21 March 2011
Check out major updates on the following pages:
All Wisconsin State Competitions Top Ten
All Pennsylvania State Competitions Top Ten
19 March 2011
Wisconsin: Waukesha West High School improves its regional score by nearly 4,000 points to win state for the 10th year in a row! Waukesha West racked up 48,025.4 points and was led by Katharine Tyndall, a scholastic who scored 8,536.4 points.
New Berlin Eisenhower High School earned 43,806.8 points, placed second overall, and advanced to the Medium School E-Nationals.
Waukesha South High School attained 37,477.5 points, finished third overall, and qualified for the Large School E-Nationals.
McFarland High School scored 35,984.0 points, came in fifth overall, and advanced to the Small School E-Nationals.
Find more scores and information at State/2011.
18 March 2011
It's Friday, Friday - Gotta get down on Friday - Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend - Friday, Friday - Gettin' down on Friday - Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend!
17 March 2011
DDSIC: Topics pages receive an overhaul, complete with updates for many old curriculums and an infobox for easier linking.
16 March 2011
DDSIC: is four years old today!
15 March 2011
California: All individual overall and medal scores have been added to State/California/2011. Special recognition goes to Harsimar Dhanoa from Granada Hills Charter High School for attaining the 5th highest scholastic score in CAD history!
14 March 2011
California: Granada Hills Charter High School rocks Sacramento, scoring a nationwide high of 50,801 points and becoming the first non-repeat California school to win state since 2000! Granada Hills Charter also replaced the 2004 El Camino Real team as the 10th highest-scoring team in CAD history. For the 2nd year in a row, LAUSD swept the top three spots, with Marshall High School (49,889 points) and El Camino Real High School (48,047 points) ranking 2nd and 3rd overall. Marshall, Hallmark Charter (Fresno County), and University High School (also of Fresno County) qualified for the Large School E-Nationals, the Medium School E-Nationals, and the Small School E-Nationals, respectively. Congratulations to Chino Hills High School (San Bernardino County) and Olympian High School (San Diego County) for nabbing the Division 2 and Division 3 trophies, respectively. Austin Kang from Granada Hills Charter lead the Honors division and all California individuals with a whopping 8,985 points! More information is being added to State/California/2011 and State/2011.
Arizona: All awards and their scores from Saturday's state competition are now listed on State/Arizona/2011. All high-scoring individuals and teams have been added to State/2011.
13 March 2011
Idaho: Centennial High School recovers the Idaho state crown from rival Sandpoint High School. Centennial racked up 41,257 points and Sandpoint Honors Brita Olson accomplished the top individual score with 8,534 points.
DDSIC: Check out the expanding national leaderboards at State/2011!
Ranking of the top teams in the country
Ranking of all teams qualifying for USAD Nationals
Ranking of all teams qualifying for Large E-Nationals
Ranking of all teams qualifying for Medium E-Nationals
Ranking of all teams qualifying for Small E-Nationals
Ranking of the top Honors students in the country
Ranking of the top Scholastic students in the country
Ranking of the top Varsity students in the country
12 March 2011
Arizona: Canyon Del Oro High School, Mountain View Mesa High School, and Red Mountain High School all produce outstanding score increases to place first, second, and third overall in Arizona. Canyon Del Oro attained the school's third state championship. Kingman Academy of Learning secured their third consecutive spot at the Medium School E-Nationals. St. Johns High School advanced to the Small School E-Nationals for the 6th year in a row. Props to Anna Hainsworth from Canyon Del Oro for the top individual score in Arizona, 8,828.1 points!
Ohio: Oakwood High School prevails in the Ohio Academic Decathlon, shattering a 4-year winning streak by Willoughby South High School and (at least) a 14-year winning streak by the Willoughby-Eastlake School District! Team scores are still unavailable as of this edit.
11 March 2011
New Jersey: West Windsor-Plainsboro South High School scores 40,920 points, earning its first state title! Former state champion Rutherford High School scored in the 37,000 - 38,000 range but advanced to the Medium School E-Nationals.
10 March 2011
Hawai'i: Top individual scores from the Hawaii state tournament are up on State/2011 and State/Hawaii/2011.
9 March 2011
Indiana: Team scores from the February 12 state competition have been added to State/Indiana/2011 and State/2011.
8 March 2011
California: Teams are gearing up for one of the most exciting state finals in California history. Read about Westminster, Trabuco Hills, and Mission Viejo, representing Orange, Redlands, representing San Bernardino, and Oxnard, representing Ventura.
7 March 2011
Maine: According to state director David Heckman in a Maine Sunday Telegram article, Scarborough Honor Susan Rundell's 8,086 points broke the individual score record for the Maine Academic Decathlon. Congratulations!
6 March 2011
Hawai'i: Hilo High School pulls a three-peat, scoring 39,417.3 points to Kamehameha School Hawai'i Campus' 37,166.2 points.
Maine: Scarborough High School repeats as Maine state champions for the sixth year in a row! Scarborough accumulated 40,985 points and was led by Susan Rundell, who scored 8,086 points.
Monmouth Academy finished second with 33,477 points and will compete in the Small School E-Nationals.
Bangor High School took third place with 32,757 points, advancing to the Large School E-Nationals.
Oak Hill High School placed fifth with 30,309 points, earning a spot at the Medium School E-Nationals.
Minnesota: St. Peter High School captures its second consecutive state title with 33,628.2 points! Read the article at the Mankato Free Press website.
Iowa: Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School claims its 11th consecutive state title, scoring 40,744 points! Three other teams from Iowa also won awards:
North Tama High School, Small School E-Nationals representative with 37,644 points.
Cedar Rapids Washington High School, Large School E-nationals representative with 36,254 points.
Southern Cal High School, Medium School E-nationals representative with 34,372 points.
Congratulations to the impressive Honors duo of Brett Karlan and Ben Castle from Cedar Rapids Jefferson for scoring 8,300 and 8,291.9 points, respectively! See more team and individual scores at State/2011.
5 March 2011
Pennsylvania: Moniteau High School shatters Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy's six-year winning streak, scoring 41,480 points to Collegiate's 41,359! Moniteau achieved their school's first state title and fought off an exceptional 3,570-point increase by Collegiate after regionals.
Massachusetts: Acton-Boxborough Regional High School ascends to their 11th state championship in a row.
4 March 2011
Texas: All qualifying team and individual scores from the large, medium, and small school competitions are now on State/2011!
3 March 2011
Texas: Medals for all large school events have been added to State/Texas/2011.
California: Two new pages' worth of regional results are available at Regionals/California/LAUSD/Conference_5/2011 and Regionals/California/LAUSD/Conference_6/2011.
2 March 2011
DDSIC Milestone: 700 pages on DDSIC have logged at least 100 views!
1 March 2011
USAD announces the 2011-2011 curriculum topic: The Age of Empire! Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness will feature as the novel. The science curriculum will explore physical sciences and 19th-century scientific advances. The Age of Imperialism: The Making of a European Global Order is the new Super Quiz topic. What are you waiting for? Start studying!
28 February 2011
Texas After an astounding year in Texas, special recognition goes to:
J. Frank Dobie High School, for the 7th best team in TAD history, 50,469.7 points!
Rockwall High School for the 8th best team in TAD history, 50,152.2 points!
Jonathan Xu of Seven Lakes High School for the 5th highest score ever by a Texas honors decathlete, 9,181.6 points.
Matt Bernhard of Seven Lakes High School for the 5th highest score ever by a Texas scholastic decathlete, 8,917.1 points.
Eddie Nunez of J. Frank Dobie High School for possibly matching the highest score ever by a Texas varsity decathlete, 8,726.0 points.
DemiDecTalk has established a new thread for congratulating individuals and teams: All-Stars. Notables:
Clear Brook High School improved from not qualifying for state (2009) to placing 15th among large schools (2010) and then to placing 4th among large schools (2011)!
Laura Xu of Lubbock High School achieved the only perfect score on a written test in Texas, with 1,000 points on the math test.
Eric Yang of The Colony High School was the only decathlete outside of the record-breaking Rockwall team to place overall in the medium school competition, with 8,689.2 points and 2nd place in Honors.
27 February 2011
Texas: J. Frank Dobie High School leaps to a score of 50,496.7 points, clenching the school's first state title since 2003. Rockwall High School dominates the medium school championship with a competition record-breaking 50,152.2 points and Seven Lakes High School places second overall among large schools with 48,862 points. Congratulations to Jonathan Xu of Seven Lakes for becoming the first decathlete since 2009 to break the 9,000-point barrier and Eddie Nunez of J. Frank Dobie for racking up 8,726 points, the 8th or 9th highest varsity score in USAD history! View the webcast on DemiDecTalk or the nationwide rankings on State/2011. Also noteworthy: this is the first year since 2000 in which two different teams from Texas have surpassed 50,000 points. Seven Lakes, Rockwall, and Clear Brook (4th in Large with 44,771) high schools all shattered school records for team scores.
26 February 2011
Georgia: Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School outscored rival Berkmar High School to win its third straight state championship! Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe earned 36,923.3 points to Berkmar's 35,626.2. Berkmar placed first among large schools and will represent Georgia at Large School E-Nationals. Westover High School (29,493.4 points) and A.R. Johnson High School (28,381.9) earned their first berths at Medium E-Nationals and Small E-nationals, respectively. Congratulations to Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe's Destin Sizemore for the highest individual score in Georgia, 7,653.6 points!
Mississippi: Madison Central High School captures its 9th consecutive state title with 36,639 points! See nationwide rankings of scores at State/2011.
Texas: Super Quiz relay results from the state final are being added to State/Texas/2011. Congratulations to Rockwall High School for placing first among medium schools with 41 points and Clear Brook High School for winning the large school competition with 36 points!
25 February 2011
The Nationals page receives a new look, complete with state flags and additional statistics.
24 February 2011
DDSIC Milestone: 100 pages on DDSIC have logged at least 1,000 views!
23 February 2011
Illinois: At the Chicago city competition, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School posts a score of 46,886 points, the 5th highest regional score in the nation! See Regionals/2011.
22 February 2011
California: El Camino Real High School, which holds a record six Academic Decathlon national championships, prepares to convert to a charter school. Charter schools function independently but continue to receive state funding. Los Angeles Times Associated Press Contra Costa Times
21 February 2011
Connecticut: Trumbull High School outscores Hamden Hall County Day School and defending state champion New Fairfield High School to take home the school's first state title!
20 February 2011
Nebraska: Creighton Preparatory School wins its second consecutive state title with approximately 43,000 points! Harry A. Burke High School placed second overall and won the Super Quiz competition. Nebraska City Lourdes took top honors in the small school championship. Congratulations to Lourdes' Colby McGinley for achieving the highest score in the state! See State/Nebraska/2011 or nationwide rankings of the scores available so far: State/2011
Tennessee: Madison Academic High School takes home its eighth consecutive Tennessee state trophy, scoring 42,840 points! Chester County High School placed second with 36,637 points and Haywood High School took third place with 30,668 points. Adalee Lube from Madison Academic posted the top individual score for the second year in a row. State/Tennessee/2011
Alaska: West Valley High School took the Alaska state championship from rival Lathrop High School, which won in 2009 and 2010! West Valley's 38,064.1 points placed them ahead of Lathrop's approximately 36,800 points. Congratulations to Lathrop for winning Super Quiz! See State/2011.
15 February 2011
California: All teams invited to the state championship are now listed on Regionals/California/2011. Highlights from the new scores:
Orange: Westminster High School (44,565.6) achieved back-to-back region titles and the highest score in Orange County since 2000!
Stanislaus: Oakdale High School (43,002.8) won its 11th consecutive county championship.
Sonoma and Solano: Casa Grande High School (42,539.0) reclaimed the North Bay Academic Decathlon title from Vanden High School (40,630.0).
Sacramento: Folsom High School (42,470.0) fought off Bella Vista High School (39,227.5) to win county for the second year in a row.
Placer: Granite Bay High School (40,891.0) earned the 2nd highest team score in the history of the Placer County Academic Decathlon!
San Joaquin: Tracy High School (40,364.0) advanced to state for the first time since 2005.
13 February 2011
California: All LAUSD team scores over 30,000 are now on Regionals/2011!
12 February 2011
California: Full Los Angeles Unified School District regional results are now available at Regionals/California/LAUSD/2011! A record-breaking eleven LAUSD teams scored high enough to advance to the California state finals: city champion Granada Hills Charter High School (49,104.9), runner-up Marshall High School (48,802.8), defending national champion El Camino Real High School (47,825.5), Franklin High School (46,207.6), Palisades Charter High School (45,189.2), William Howard Taft High School (44,086.9), Garfield High School (42,017.8), Venice High School (40,085.8), San Fernando High School (39,909.0), Van Nuys High School (39,621.9), and Canoga Park High School (38,758.6). Austin Kang (8,687.6) of Granada Hills won the Honors division, Granada Hills' Harsimar Dhanoa (8,619.0) placed first in Scholastic, and Marcos Chinchilla (8,606.0) from Marshall earned the top Varsity score. Congratulations!
11 February 2011
Arizona: All Arizona team scores over 30,000 are now on Regionals/2011!
10 February 2011
California: West High School of Torrance wins the Los Angeles County Academic Decathlon for the sixth time in seven years, scoring 44,467.2 points! Mark Keppel, Alhambra, and Torrance placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th with 41,559.1, 41,495.8, and 41,267 points, respectively. Shao-Yi Qian from Alhambra High School earned top-scoring individual with 8,514.8 points. See all California Regional scores so far here or check the main Regionals/2011 page.
9 February 2011
California: DDSIC is adding new county champions to Regionals/California/2011.
Redlands High School (43,658.7 points) ends Chaffey High School's (42,429.9 points) winning streak in San Bernardino.
Stockdale High School (41,551 points) recaptures the Kern trophy from Bakersfield High School (39,127 points),
West Valley High School (39,823.8) beats out Hemet High School (38,344) for the Riverside title for the third year in a row.
8 February 2011
Iowa: Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School (44,782 points) and North Tama High School (34,043.3 points) post the highest large and small school scores, respectively, in the 2011 Iowa regionals!
6 February 2011
Arizona: Mountain View Mesa High School & Red Mountain High School place 1st & 2nd in Region IV and 2nd & 3rd overall in Arizona with 42,277 & 41,477 points! (Scores are unofficial and subject to some change). Kingman Academy dominates Region I with a score of 38,266, over 4,000 points ahead of 2nd-place St. Johns High School (33,824).
5 February 2011
Pennsylvania: Moniteau High School clenches the Northwestern Pennsylvania regional title, scoring 2,000 points higher than second-place finisher Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy.
Arizona: Canyon Del Oro High School claims the Region III crown for the 10th year in a row and earns 44,260 points, the highest total in Arizona. Cesar Chavez High, South Mountain High, North Canyon High, and Boulder Creek High place first, second, third, and fourth in an incredibly close Region II championship.
California: Edison High School (46,424 points) wrests the Fresno County trophy back from defending champion University High School (44,418 points).
3 February 2011
Kansas: Shawnee Mission South High School wins its 10th consecutive state title and Bishop Ward High School advances to small school E-Nationals for the 2nd year in a row.
2 February 2011
New Jersey: West Windsor-Plainsboro South High School and defending state champion Rutherford High School start a close race for the state title, with regional scores of 37,630.3 and 37,085.8, respectively.
31 January 2011
Texas: All regional scores are now available! See the national leaderboard or Texas scores only.
Region Large Champion Score Medium Champion Score Small Champion Score
I Lubbock 41,216 None None None None
II El Paso Coronado 38,338 El Paso 34,267 None None
III Corpus Christi King 41,992 Alice 39,778 Taylor 36,017
IV Sandra Day O'Connor 41,214 Sam Champion 37,898 None None
V J. Frank Dobie 49,028 Friendswood 44,119 None None
VI Klein 39,342 New Caney 40,171 None None
VII Seven Lakes 45,725 None None Splendora 31,763
VIII Duncanville 39,186 Mansfield Summit 36,674 None None
IX Chester W. Nimitz 43,990 Frisco Centennial 40,543 None None
X Plano Senior 37,416 Rockwall 46,856 None None
XI ? ? ? ? ? ?
XII Grand Praire 38,906 None None John Paul II 38,194
30 January 2011
Texas: Props to Eddie Nunez of J. Frank Dobie High School for earning the 8th highest varsity score in TAD history!
29 January 2011
Texas: Regional scores are coming in at Regionals/Texas/2011. Please add any new Texas scores to this page!
Congratulations to J. Frank Dobie High School, Rockwall High School, and Seven Lakes High School for each scoring the highest regional total in their school's history as documented on DDSIC - 49,028, 46,856, and 45,725 points, respectively!
24 January 2011
Indiana: Martinsville High School (37,072.3 points) and La Lumiere School (31,962.5 points) earn the highest Large School and Small School scores, respectively, in the Indiana regionals. See more Indiana team scores at Regionals/2011.
22 January 2011
Tennessee: Madison Academic High School won the West Tennesse Regional finals for the eighth year in a row, scoring 27,306 points in seven events! Chester County High School placed second with 21,431 points and Haywood High School finished third with 18,986 points. Regionals/2011Regionals/Tennessee/2011
11 January 2011
Wisconsin: All team scores from the 2011 regional competitions are now available at Regionals/Wisconsin/2011.
8 January 2011
Wisconsin: Waukesha West High School and New Berlin Eisenhower High School achieve the highest regional scores in Wisconsin. Waukesha West scored 39,824.8 in nine events, placing them as the top-seeded team for the state finals. See Regionals/2011.

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