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26 December 2010
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14 December 2010
DDSIC has added three new nationwide score compilations at Regionals/2002, Regionals/2003, and Regionals/2004.
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13 December 2010
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10 December 2010
Texas: J. Frank Dobie High School achieves the highest scrimmage score in the country, placing the top score in Texas ahead of the top score in California for possibly the first time since 2001. See Scrimmages/2011.
Texas: At the Oliver Wendell Holmes High School Scrimmage in San Antonio, Nimitz High School, Alice High School, Highland Park High School, and Corpus Christi King High School all score over 40,000 points in ten events! View full results here...
4 December 2010
Texas: Seven Lakes High School posts the highest score yet achieved by a Texas team on the 2010-2011 USAD Scrimmage tests, overcoming Pearland High School. View scores here...
Arizona: In one of the closest Round 1 competitions of the year, Rockwall High School of Texas bests Canyon Del Oro High School of Arizona by 329 points. Both teams score over 30,000, an incredible feat. See Scrimmages/2011.
3 December 2010
Alice High School and King High School score the highest on the Round 1 tests in Corpus Christi, Texas! View results here...
21 November 2010
Round 1 Scores from yesterday's competition in Arizona's Region II are now on the Scrimmages/2011 leaderboard.
20 November 2010
Massachusetts: After regionals, Acton-Boxborough Regional High School emerges as the highest scoring team in the state for the 11th year in a row.
Arizona: Canyon Del Oro, Buena, and Marana place first, second, and third in the ten-event Buena Scrimmage. Cesar Chavez, South Mountain, and Kingman Academy place first, second, and third in the ten-event Phoenix Union High School District Tournament. Congratulations to Canyon Del Oro's Anna Hainsworth for being the only student to break 8,000 points!
13 November 2010
LAUSD, California: Marshall High School (defending LAUSD champions), Granada Hills Charter High School, Franklin High School, and El Camino Real High School (defending state and national champions) all score over 30,000 points at the USAD Round 1 Scrimmage! View all 2011 Round 1 Scores here...
Los Angeles County, California: West High School (defending county champions and 6th place overall at State 2010) of Torrance, California, posts the highest score in the Los Angeles County USAD Scrimmage!
Texas: Rockwall High School wins a close victory over Seven Lakes High School at the Flower Mound Invititational.
11 November 2010
Arizona: Canyon Del Oro High School Mini Scrimmage II results are in!
7 November 2010
Texas: Alice, Sam Champion, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Corpus Christi King participate in a scrimmage in Sinton, Texas.
30 October 2010
Texas: Defending Texas state champion Seven Lakes High School claims a close win over Pearland High School at the school's first invitational.
23 October 2010
Texas: Rockwall High School wins their own mega-invitational, winning by a whopping 3,222 points!
1 October 2010
Arizona: Canyon Del Oro High School hosts a Mini Scrimmage including schools in Arizona's Region III.
9 September 2010
First reported scrimmage of the year in Alhambra, California!
3 July 2010
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29 April 2010
Cyberspace: E-Nationals results begin to trickle out of the matrix: California's Marshall High School wins the first Large School E-Nationals by scoring 39,133 out of 48,000 points. University High School, also of California, scored 35,696 points in the same eight events to capture its fourth consecutive Small School E-Nationals championship. Wisconsin's McFarland High School earned 30,359 points to come out on top in the third annual Medium School E-Nationals. Other high-scoring schools were Pennsylvania's Moniteau High School (2nd place small school with 32,944 points), California's St. Francis High School (2nd place medium school with 29,676 points), Ohio's Oakwood High School (3rd place medium school with 29,663 points), and Texas's John Paul II High School (3rd place small school with 29,562 points).
24 April 2010
Omaha, Nebraska: El Camino Real High School of California scores 49,951.7 points to triumph over 35 other states in the 29th Academic Decathlon National Finals and capture its 6th USAD title. Mountain View Mesa High School of Arizona placed 2nd with 48,322 points, followed by Whitney M. Young Magnet High School of Illinois (3rd with 47,269.7), Waukesha West High School of Wisconsin (4th with 46,973.7), Seven Lakes High School of Texas (5th with 46,710.6), and Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy of Pennsylvania (6th with 45,359.1). Wisconsin's Waukesha West and Pennsylvania's Collegiate Academy conquered the Division II and Division III championships, respectively. Illinois's Whitney M. Young Magnet High School won the team Super Quiz competition by scoring 5,750 out of 6,000 points, and Wisconsin's Dylan Verden, a scholastic student, won the individual competition by scoring 8,857.9 out of 10,000 points. View 2010 Nationals results here...
1 April 2010
Due to funding problems, USAD has cancelled the next twelve years of competition. Students are advised to avoid socialist or fascist gatherings and head to the nearest bread line.
28 March 2010
Connecticut: New Fairfield High School breaks a 5-year winning streak by Hamden Hall County Day School to win the Connecticut Academic Decathlon.
New Hampshire: Alvirne High School wins the New Hampshire Academic Decathlon for the 12th year in a row.
22 March 2010
Rhode Island: East Greenwich High School becomes the first public school to win the Rhode Island state title since 1997.
20 March 2010
Illinois: Whitney M. Young Magnet High School captures its 7th consecutive state title with a score of 48,292 points.
15 March 2010
California: El Camino Real High School scores 50,590 points to take its 8th state championship and 5th in ten years. Marshall High School places 2nd with 50,029 points and Granada Hills Charter High School finishes 3rd with 49,120 points to complete the LAUSD sweep of the top 3. Other high finishers included Edison High School of Fresno (4th), University High School of Fresno (5th), West HS of Los Angeles (6th), Bishop Alemany High School of Mission Hills (7th), Chaffey High School of San Bernardino (8th), Mark Keppel High School of Los Angeles (9th), and Hallmark Charter High School of Fresno (10th). View more state results: California | Nationwide
Hawai'i: Hilo High School wins its second consecutive state title, scoring 36,266 points.
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14 March 2010
Idaho: Sandpoint High School earns its second state title with 40,905 points, just ahead of last year's state champion Centennial High School, which finished with 40,729 points.
New York: Cazenovia High School wins state for the 5th consecutive year.
13 March 2010
Arizona: Mountain View Mesa High School scores 48,758 points to take its 15th state title. Canyon Del Oro High School finishes in a close second, scoring 47,892 points.
Utah: Park City High School wins its 8th consecutive trip to nationals.
12 March 2010
Wisconsin: Waukesha West High School captures its 9th consecutive state championship with 46,428.3 points.
10 March 2010
New Jersey: Rutherford High School wins its 2nd state title, scoring 40,360.8 points.
6 March 2010
Iowa: Thomas Jefferson High School (Cedar Rapids) wins its 10th consecutive state title, scoring 42,756.2 points.
Massachusetts: Acton-Boxborough Regional High School wins its 10th consecutive state title, scoring 28,656 points over the 7 objective events.
Ohio: Willoughby South High School wins its 4th consecutive state title, scoring 41,024 points.
Pennsylvania: Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy wins its 6th consecutive state title, scoring 45,879 points.
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2 March 2010
Minnesota: St. Peter High School scores 35,646.2 points to cinch its second state title and break a six-year winning streak by Mankato West High School, which placed third with 33,995.5 points. Maple Grove High School won state champion runner-up with 34,363.6 points.
28 February 2010
Texas: Seven Lakes High School scores 47,974.2 points to win its first state title and large school championship. Rockwall High School scores 46,532.5 points to win its first medium school championship. John Paul II High School captures its first small school championship with 41,621 points.
Maine: Scarborough High School claims its sixth consecutive state title with 37,953 points.
27 February 2010
Georgia: Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School captures its second consecutive state title with 39,574.2 points.
New Mexico: St. Pius X High School regains the New Mexico state title, scoring 37,597.4 points.
Alaska: Lathrop High School wins its second consecutive state title, marking the school's seventh state championship in eleven years.
Mississippi: Madison Central High School earns its eighth consecutive state title, scoring 42,488 points.
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20 February 2010
Illinois: Whitney M. Young Magnet High School wins the Chicago city title with 48,468 points, currently the second score in the United States for the 2009-2010 season.
Nebraska: Creighton Preparatory School breaks Omaha Burke High School's 3-year winning streak to win state with 45,180 points. Prep also sets a state Super Quiz record with 5,500 points.
Tennessee: Madison Academic High School wins its 7th state title with 43,857 points.
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18 February 2010
USAD announces the topic, novel, and Super Quiz for 2010-2011: The Great Depression, The Grapes of Wrath, and geology, respectively.
13 February 2010
Indiana: Martinsville High School captures its 8th consecutive state championship with 41,328.5 points.
11 February 2010
Los Angeles Unified School District, California: Marshall High School fends off El Camino Real High School and Granada Hills Charter High School to win its fourth LAUSD title. All three teams break the 47,000-point barrier: Marshall's 48,655.9 points and El Camino Real's 48,395.3 points currently stand out as the highest two scores in the nation. Granada Hills claims the 4th rank with 47,428.8 points. All three teams advance to state, alongside San Pedro High School (4th; 41,592.6 points), Garfield High School (5th; 41,548.0 points), Palisades Charter High School (6th; 41,509.7 points), Hamilton High School (7th; 41,405.8 points), and Franklin High School (8th; 41,224.4 points).
* Full LAUSD Results
* DemiDec LAUSD Webcast
Los Angeles County, California: West High School captures the Los Angeles County regional championship with 43,999.1 points, followed closely by Mark Keppel High School, which finished 2nd with 43,741.0 points. Both teams advanced to state, along with Torrance High School (4th; 42,822.6 points), El Rancho High School (5th; 41,849.2 points), Beverly Hills High School (6th; 41,206.2 points), Redondo Union High School (7th; 40,978.7 points), and San Marino High School (8th; 40,194.0 points). Full Results...
San Bernardino County, California: Chaffey High School wins its second consecutive title and for the first time in county history, three teams earned state berths: Chaffey (43,839.7 points), runner-up Redlands (41,977.2), and third place winner Chino Hills ( 41,575.4 points).
9 February 2010
Sacramento County, California: Folsom High School scores 41,466.9 points to usurp former region champion Bella Vista High School, which placed second with 40,354.5 points. Franklin High School wins Most Improved team and takes third with 36,666.5 points.
8 February 2010
Riverside County, California: West Valley High School captures its second consecutive region title with 41,798.4 points. Hemet High School places second with 37,916.1 points and Elsinore High School places third with 36,115.1 points.
Ventura County, California: Oxnard High School scores 41,216 points to win its first region championship, followed by Westlake High School (38,990 points) and Thousand Oaks High School (37,783 points).
6 February 2010
Arizona: Mountain View Mesa High School and Canyon Del Oro High School dominate their regions with scores of 47,305 and 45,781.3, respectively. In Region II, Cesar Chavez high school scores 37,808.9 to triumph over former region champion Deer Valley. In Region I, Kingman Academy of Learning scores 37,691.1 to break St. Johns' winning streak.
Fresno County, California: University High School wrests its first regional title from 13-time champion Edison High School. University scored 47,744.4 points, just ahead of Edison's 47,151.8 points.
Stanislaus County, California: Oakdale High School wins its 10th consecutive regional championship, scoring 42,321 points.
Northwest Pennsylvania: Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy captures a region championship with 45,359 points. Moniteau High School takes the runner-up spot with 42,814 points.
30 January 2010
Texas: Regional scores arrive: See nationwide rankings of known team and individual scores or Texas scores only.
Region Large Champion Score Medium Champion Score Small Champion Score
I Lubbock Coronado 43,399 None None Lubbock Estacado 32,500
II El Paso Coronado 40,732 El Paso 36,217 None None
III Corpus Christi King 39,943 Alice 39,650 None None
IV Sandra Day O'Connor 43,390 Sam Champion 38,897 None None
V J. Frank Dobie 45,590 Friendswood 42,177 None None
VI New Caney 41,923 Montgomery 40,524 None None
VII Seven Lakes 44,945 Unknown Unknown Splendora 34,899
VIII Arlington Lamar 40,749 Aledo 33,156 None None
IX Irving Nimitz 43,796 Frisco Centennial 41,503 None None
X Plano Senior 42,483 Rockwall 43,186 None None
XI None None None None Taylor 34,717
XII South Grand Praire 38,127 None None John Paul II 38,627
24 January 2010
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23 January 2010
Kansas: Shawnee Mission South High School wins its 10th consecutive state title.
23 January 2010
Tennessee: Madison Academic High School (2nd place in Division II, 10th place overall at Nationals 2009) wins the West Tennessee regional Academic Decathlon for the 7th year in a row, earning a spot at the state competition on February 19-20, 2010. Other Brownsville schools advancing to state include Chester County High School (2nd place overall at State 2009), Obion County Central High School (3rd overall), North Side High School (4th overall), Haywood County High School (5th overall), and Liberty Technology Magnet High School. - The Jackson Sun.
16 January 2010
Nebraska: After regionals, region champions and other invited teams earn the right to compete in the Nebraska state finals, to be held from February 19-20, 2010. See the Omaha World-Herald article for a list of advancing teams.
11 January 2010
Wisconsin: Following regional competitions, twenty teams advance to the Wisconsin state competition, slated for March 11-12, 2010. View the WIAD Website here. See also: known scores.