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All California State Competitions Top Ten

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California State Competitions Top Ten[edit]

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Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
2014 El Camino Real Granada Hills Marshall Edison Beverly Hills Chaffey South Pasadena Franklin Redondo Union Campolindo
2013 Granada Hills El Camino Real Franklin Marshall Beverly Hills Olympian Chaffey University Edison Casa Grande
2012 Granada Hills El Camino Real Marshall Olympian Franklin University Edison West Oakdale Taft
2011 Granada Hills Marshall El Camino Real Edison West Franklin Palisades Oakdale Taft University
2010 El Camino Real Marshall Granada Hills Edison University West Bishop Alemany Chaffey Mark Keppel Hallmark
2009 Moorpark El Camino Real North Hollywood Casa Grande Oakdale Edison Palisades Marshall Chaffey University
2008 Moorpark Palisades El Camino Real Edison North Hollywood Granada Hills Casa Grande Taft Marshall Stockdale
2007 El Camino Real Granada Hills Moorpark North Hollywood Palisades West Marshall Edison Vanden Garfield
2006 Taft El Camino Real Moorpark Edison Granada Hills Los Angeles Palisades Marshall North Hollywood Garfield
2005 El Camino Real Moorpark Granada Hills Edison Taft Marshall North Hollywood Los Angeles West Palisades
2004 El Camino Real Edison Taft Granada Hills Simi Valley Los Angeles Marshall Beverly Hills University Burbank
2003 Moorpark Taft El Camino Real Marshall North Hollywood Los Angeles P.V. Peninsula Palisades Edison St. Francis
2002 Moorpark El Camino Real Edison North Hollywood Palisades Marina Los Angeles Bishop Alemany Casa Grande Hemet
2001 El Camino Real Moorpark P.V. Peninsula Marshall Bishop Alemany West Burbank North Hollywood Los Alamitos Hemet
2000 Simi Valley Moorpark Bishop Alemany El Camino Real Los Angeles Laguna Hills P.V. Peninsula Beverly Hills San Pedro Palisades
1999 Moorpark El Camino Real Laguna Hills P.V. Peninsula Bishop Alemany Edison Belmont Garfield St. Francis Los Angeles
1998 El Camino Real Moorpark Edison Bishop Alemany West Garfield Clovis West Burbank Simi Valley Bella Vista
1997* El Camino Real Trabuco Hills Edison P.V. Peninsula Simi Valley Bishop Alemany Beverly Hills
1996* El Camino Real Laguna Hills Beverly Hills Leland Simi Valley Polytechnic Clovis West Relands Bishop Alemany Central Union
1995* Marshall West Laguna Hills Moorpark Casa Grande
1994* Taft West Laguna Hills Casa Grande Torrey Pines Moorpark
1993* Taft Laguna Hills West University Foothill John F. Kennedy
1992* El Camino Real West Laguna Hills
1991* Laguna Hills Palisades West
1990* Laguna Hills El Camino Real Palo Alto Wilson
1989* Taft Beverly Hills Roosevelt Palo Alto Laguna Hills Bella Vista West Torrey Pines Poly San Luis Obispo
1988* Taft Theodore Roosevelt Torrey Pines P.V. Peninsula
1987* Marshall Palo Alto Beverly Hills Torrey Pine Patrick Henry
1986* Beverly Hills Foothill Marshall Palo Alto Patrick Henry
1985* Beverly Hills Foothill Roosevelt El Camino (Sacramento) Stagg
1984* Beverly Hills Theodore Roosevelt El Camino (Sacramento) Stockton
1983* Palo Alto Merced Clovis West
1982* Palo Alto Los Alamitos Palisades Atwater P.V. Peninsula
1981* Palo Alto Grace Davis
1980* Palo Alto Los Alamitos
1979* Dana Hills

(*) Denotes a year in which not all information is available.