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Nationals Top Five[edit]

States are highlighted based on the last time they placed in the top five.

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
2018 California Ohio Texas Illinois Shanghai
2017 California Texas Ohio Illinois Arizona
2016 California Texas Ohio Illinois Massachusetts
2015 California Texas Ohio Illinois Arizona
2014 California A California B Texas A Texas B Illinois
2013 California A California B Texas A Ohio A Texas B
2012 California Illinois Texas Wisconsin Ohio
2011 California Texas Wisconsin Illinois Arizona
2010 California Arizona Illinois Wisconsin Texas
2009 California Wisconsin Nebraska Arizona Illinois
2008 California Wisconsin Texas Arizona Illinois
2007 California Illinois Wisconsin Arizona Texas
2006 California Texas Wisconsin Illinois Arizona
2005 California Arizona Wisconsin Texas Illinois
2004 California Arizona Wisconsin Massachusetts Illinois
2003 California Wisconsin Texas Arizona Massachusetts
2002 Wisconsin California A Illinois Texas A Arizona
2001 California Texas A Illinois Wisconsin Texas B
2000 Texas California Wisconsin Illinois Arizona
1999 California Texas Wisconsin Illinois Arizona
1998 California Texas Arizona Rhode Island Illinois
1997 Texas California Illinois Massachusetts Wisconsin
1996 Texas California Arizona Massachusetts Alabama
1995 California Illinois Texas Arizona Massachusetts
1994 California Arizona Texas Massachusetts Illinois
1993 Texas California Arizona Illinois New Jersey
1992 Texas Arizona Illinois California Ohio
1991 Texas California Illinois Arizona New Jersey
1990 Texas California Arizona Massachusetts New Jersey
1989 California Texas Nebraska Minnesota Arizona
1988 Texas California Wisconsin Oklahoma New Jersey
1987 California Texas Arizona Minnesota Ohio
1986 Texas California Ohio Massachusetts Arizona
1985 Texas California Ohio ? ?
1984 Texas California Ohio ? ?
1983 California Ohio Wisconsin ? ?
1982 California Nevada Kentucky ? ?