All Texas State Competitions Top Ten

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Texas State Competitions Top Ten[edit]

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Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
2018 Lubbock Fort Bend Dulles Highland Park Katy Seven Lakes Friendswood Coppell Katy Taylor Pasadena Dobie Plano East Mansfield Summit
2017 Highland Park Fort Bend Dulles Katy Taylor Friendswood Lubbock Pasadena Dobie Mansfield Summit Coppell Lubbock Monterey Frisco Wakeland
2016 Highland Park Coppell Rockwall Alice Pearland Rockwall-Heath Fort Bend Dulles Frisco Wakeland Friendswood Katy Seven Lakes
2015 Pearland Highland Park Friendswood Coppell Nimitz Rockwall-Heath Dobie James E. Taylor Clements Clear Lake
2014 Rockwall Pearland Friendswood Highland Park Rockwall-Heath Clear Lake Nimitz Centennial Wakeland Coppell
2013 Rockwall Pearland Friendswood Highland Park Rockwall-Heath Nimitz Clear Lake Clements Alice Seven Lakes
2012 Rockwall Pearland James E. Taylor Highland Park Friendswood Nimitz Alice Seven Lakes Cinco Ranch Clements
2011 J. Frank Dobie Rockwall Seven Lakes James E. Taylor Friendswood Clear Brook Pearland Coppell Richard King Nimitz
2010 Seven Lakes James E. Taylor Rockwall Dobie Nimitz Pearland Sandra Day O’Connor Plano Senior Lubbock Coronado
2009 Pearland James E. Taylor Liberty Rockwall Seven Lakes Dobie Nimitz Plano Senior Friendswood Foster
2008 Pearland Seven Lakes Nimitz Plano Senior New Caney Dobie Plano East James E. Taylor Friendswood Alice
2007 Plano Senior Friendswood Nimitz James E. Taylor Frisco J.J. Pearce Rockwall New Caney Holmes Keller
2006 Plano Senior Friendswood Holmes Lubbock Nimitz King Coppell Creekview J.J. Pearce Rowlett
2005 Keller Friendswood Plano Senior Holmes Lubbock New Caney James E. Taylor Nimitz Alice Cinco Ranch
2004 Friendswood Nimitz New Caney Plano Senior Garland Lubbock King Cinco Ranch J.J. Pearce Holmes
2003 Dobie Friendswood Keller Garland Lubbock Nimitz J.J. Pearce Holmes Marcus James E. Taylor
2002* Lubbock Dobie Keller Friendswood Nimitz James E. Taylor Plano Senior Martin Clements Plano East
2001* James E. Taylor Dobie Friendswood Nimitz Garland Plano East Plano Senior Lamar Martin Clements
2000 James E. Taylor Dobie Garland Nimitz J.J. Pearce Martin Holmes Plano Senior Judson Friendswood
1999* James E. Taylor Dobie Garland Marucs Lubbock Holmes J.J. Pearce Nimitz Plano Senior Deer Park
1998* James E. Taylor Nimitz Friendswood Garland Holmes Dobie Deer Park J.J. Pearce Marcus Berkner
1997* James E. Taylor Garland Dobie Clements Keller Holmes Nimitz Lake Highlands Friendswood J.J. Pearce
1996* Dobie Friendswood James E. Taylor Garland South Grand Prairie J.J. Pearce Clements Plano Senior Marcus Holmes
1995* James E. Taylor Dobie Plano Senior J.J. Pearce Holmes Friendswood Lake Highlands Madison Nimitz Clements
1994* Holmes J.J. Pearce Plano Senior James E. Taylor Clements Garland Plano East Berkner Friendswood Stratford
1993 Plano East J.J. Pearce Plano Senior Stratford Clements Deer Park Berkner Nimitz Dobie James E. Taylor
1992* Dobie J.J. Pearce Stratford Plano Senior Nimitz Clements Berkner Plano East Lake Highlands Deer Park
1991 J.J. Pearce Dobie Plano Senior Deer Park Nimitz Berkner Marshall Dulles Lake Highlands Plano East
1990* Lake Highlands Deer Park J.J. Pearce Kempner Plano East Dobie Pasadena Stratford MacArthur James E. Taylor
1989* Deer Park J.J. Pearce Berkner MacArthur Lake Highlands Plano East
1988* J.J. Pearce Berkner Clements Lake Highlands Dulles Deer Park
1987* Dulles Clements J.J. Pearce Lake Highlands Stratford
1986* J.J. Pearce Stratford Berkner
1985* J.J. Pearce
1984* J.J. Pearce

(*) denotes a year in which not all information is available.